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The iQ Business Hub is a centralized financial operations database that allows your small to mid-sized business to automate a number of key business processes on one single platform. From automated invoicing, to reporting and analytics, the iQ Business Hub will power up your company.

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AP Invoice Automation

Automated AP invoicing for small business

AP processing can be timely, expensive and inefficient with manual, paper-heavy processes. Ditch the pen and paper and start automating your AP process today with iQ Business Hub.

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Time & Cost savings

Reduce the resources required for processing invoices

iQ Business Hub's AP Automation eliminates manual tasks involved in invoice processing, such as data entry, verification, and matching. This saves time and reduces the need for additional resources, resulting in cost savings for your company.

increased accuracy

Say goodbye to errors from manual entry

Human errors can occur during manual data entry, leading to incorrect information and delays in payment processing. The iQ Business Hub AP automation module reduces these errors by extracting data accurately from invoices, ensuring accurate records and timely payments.

faster processing

Process faster for chance at early pay discounts

Automated AP invoicing significantly speeds up the entire process, from invoice receipt to approval and payment. Invoices can be processed in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, improving efficiency and cash flow.


Automation you didn't know existed

iQ Business Hub provides you with a first-of-its-kind: AR automation on the same platform as AP automation. This makes your billing process easier than ever and allows you to keep track of your documents in one place.

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Improve efficiency

Turbocharge your efficiency for processing perfection

iQ Business Hub's AR automation eliminates manual data entry and repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more important activities. This results in increased productivity and faster invoice processing times.

Cost savings

Unleash the power of saving money

By reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing errors, the iQ Business Hub AR automation module can lead to cost savings for your company. It eliminates the need for paper invoices, reduces postage costs, and lowers the risk of financial discrepancies or late payment penalties.

Faster payment processing

Get invoices out the door faster so you get paid faster

By automating the AR invoicing process, invoices can be sent out immediately after a sale or service is completed. This helps accelerate the payment cycle and improves cash flow for your business.

Project management

Keep track of your project costs and job details all in one place

iQ Business Hub can help you to do more than just invoicing. Our integrated project management features allow you to maintain searchable invoice details for all your projects, makes project cost tracking a breeze, and gives you the ability to make data-driven project decisions.

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Track project costs

Keep on top of your project costs

iQ Business Hub incorporates a variety of configurable project options so you can easily keep track of your project costs. Because digital invoicing provides the best opportunity to capture timely project cost data, we provide all the tools to manage your project costs and help you with accruals.

Capture Project Details

Have project details at your fingertips

Invoices and invoice support documents are valuable resources for validating project cost estimates, material usage, labor costs, and much more. With iQ Business Hub, you can digitally capture this valuable invoice information and use it to establish performance metrics for your projects.

Manage Vendors

Digitally Connect with Vendors and Suppliers

iQ Business Hub provides an integrated digital platform that connects you with your vendors to help you manage your supply chain. By capturing your invoice information from digital source documents, you can easily track your vendor progress and actual costs for each project.


Set up your approval structure once and let iQ Business Hub do the rest

With iQ Business Hub, you can automate invoice routing and approvals, saving your team valuable time. Reduced invoice cycle times mean that you can get paid faster and take advantage of early payment discounts from your vendors.

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Invoice Approval Routing

Customize your invoice approval routing

Set up your invoice approval routing on iQ Business Hub and let our automation do the heavy lifting for you. No more sorting and forwarding of paper invoices for approval, and no more stamps or handwritten signatures!


Streamlining approvals speeds up invoice turnaround

With iQ Business Hub, you can establish rules to digitally automate invoice approvals, set approval limits for your team, and have complete transparency through the process. Implementing digital approvals dramatically reduces invoice handling, rejection rates and cycle times.

external Approvals

Need external approvals? No problem

If your invoices or invoice support documents require approvals from someone outside of your organization, iQ Business Hub has that covered too. Our customer approval portal makes it easy to get sign-off on all of your documents.

Smart Re-billing

Re-billing made easy

Not every business re-bills (upcharges) for the work of their employees or contractors, but if they do, this is where invoice automation really shines!! With iQ Power Invoice's optional Smart Re-billing module you can easily re-bill for the work of your team while drastically reducing the time and resources required to do it!

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Customizable Re-Billing Pricelists

Different pricelist for each customer? No problem

iQ Business Hub's Smart Re-billing module features re-billing pricelists that can be customized for each customer. Upcharges for each pricelist item can be made by percentage or dollar value. Managing different pricelists for each customer has never been easier!

Multi-Customer/Multi-Project Re-billing

Easily re-bill project work for multiple customers

If you have the unenviable task of re-billing for multiple employees and contractors, who are working on multiple projects, for multiple customers, using multiple pricelists, you already know how complicated re-billing can be. With Smart Re-billing, iQ Business Hub does the heavy lifting for you!

Expedited Re-billing Capabilities

Re-bill customers before receiving final vendor invoices

Spend less time waiting on employee timesheets, expenses, and final invoices from vendors. With Smart Re-billing, you can re-bill from any digital resource stored on iQ Business Hub. This means that you can re-bill from active vendor timesheets and work tickets before they even send you invoices for their work!

Smart Timesheets

Get more out of your timesheets

iQ Power Invoice provides an optional Smart Timesheet module that keeps track of time, projects, expenses, work locations, job details and more. Whether your business uses timesheets for payroll, project management, or billing, iQ Power Invoice can help you get more value out of your time!

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Versatile Smart Timesheet

Smart Timesheets can be used by almost any type of business

Whether you need timesheets for your employees, contractors, billing, or re-billing, with Smart Timesheets you can easily capture the time and expenses for your team. Smart Timesheets provide an affordable, mobile-optimized solution for businesses on the move!

Integrated Project tools

Easily track employee or contractor time and expenses by project

Smart Timesheets are built for projects, making it a breeze to keep track of your team's time and expenses for each project. Seamless integration with iQ Business Hub means have all the project tools you need to get the most out of your timesheet data!

seamless Billing

Create invoices from multiple timesheets in seconds

iQ Power Invoice automates billing from Smart Timesheets. Since these solutions were built to work together, there are no gyrations when it comes time to creating an invoice. With iQ Business Hub, billing from timesheets takes seconds, not hours!

Support Documents

The proof before the payment

iQ Business Hub recognizes that the invoicing cycle cannot be complete without allowing for supporting documentation to be attached to invoices as validation of the work done or goods purchased. Our robust module allows for the seamless creation or upload of all supporting documents.

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verify and validate

Keep documents together for precise records

iQ Business Hub's supporting documents module allows for documents such as receipts, proofs of payment, and itemized invoices to provide evidence and validation of a financial transaction. They help verify that the goods or services were indeed purchased and that the amount mentioned in the invoice is accurate.

create internally or upload external documents

Attach any and all documents to your invoices

With the iQ Business Hub, your invoices will always be able to have supporting documents attached, whether created on the platform or uploaded from an external source. iQ Business Hub allows for countless support document types such as purchase orders, work tickets, bills of lading and many more.

easy audit trail

No more need to stress about the audit

By having all of your invoices and supporting documents in one place, it creates a streamlined audit trail that helps in the event of an audit. This provides transparency and allow auditors to trace the flow of money, verify transactions, and ensure financial integrity.


Work with, not against, your accounting system

iQ Business Hub provides instantaneous connection and transfer of data to your accounting system to ensure both systems are always complementing each other.

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More up-to-date information

Stay ahead, stay informed with elevated capabilities

iQ Business Hub's real-time accounting integration allows you to have better visibility into your cash flow. You can track outstanding invoices, monitor payment statuses, and generate reports to help optimize your cash flow management.

seamless record keeping

Keep iQ Business Hub and you accounting system in sync

Integrating accounting and invoicing systems ensures that all financial data remains in sync. Payments received, invoices issued, and outstanding balances are instantly updated in both systems, providing a seamless record-keeping process.

streamlined financial reporting

Streamline your success with masterful reporting precision

With iQ Business Hub's accounting integration, generating financial reports becomes easier and more efficient. Data from invoiced sales automatically flows into the accounting system, providing a comprehensive overview of revenue, expenses, and profitability.


Tilt the power balance in your favour with data

iQ Business Hub's reporting and analytics capabilities are truly a game changer. You will be able to discover insights into your business in ways you never thought imaginable. And the best part? It's all on the same platform!

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Make data-driven decisions

Drive business decisions with power and precision

Our reporting and analytics enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing key metrics and trends, such as average payment time, sales by customer segment and much more, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies. This can lead to optimized invoicing workflows, reduced payment delays, and improved financial performance.

insightful financial analysis

Analytical brilliance to illuminate your financial insights

iQ Business Hub's reporting and analytics allow businesses to gain deeper insights into their financial data related to business activities. This includes tracking revenue, identifying trends, analyzing payment patterns, and understanding customer behavior. By understanding these metrics, businesses can make informed decisions to improve cash flow, optimize pricing strategies, and identify areas of growth.

enhanced customer relationships

Use data to elevate your business relationships

Our reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into customer data. This includes tracking customer payment history, identifying frequent late payers, and understanding customer preferences. By leveraging this information, businesses can strengthen customer relationships by offering personalized invoicing solutions, identifying potential upselling opportunities, and resolving any payment-related issues promptly.

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