About iQommerce

We are inspired by the potential of digital business process automation to fundamentally change the business landscape.

Our Story

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2019, iQommerce was born out of the idea to create a modern and affordable invoice automation platform that could serve virtually any size or type of business, non-profit organization, or public institution. At iQommerce, we strongly believe in the benefits of invoice automation, and have applied decades of hands-on engineering, project management, and invoicing experience to design better solutions.

Our Mission is to...

Provide innovative, cost-effective and practical business automation solutions that are valued by our customers.
Always recognize the importance of human involvement during our quest for automation.
Be guided by ethics, social responsibility and respect for our shared environment.

Our Vision is to...

Transform every day business processes through automation by creating solutions that maximize productivity and unleash the power of data.


An idea is born

International Resource Management (Canada) Ltd. (IRM), an oil and gas project management firm led by Paul Rossiter, builds a cloud-based invoice automation solution to make their invoicing processes more timely and efficient. X-Can is deployed for internal use and results in substantial savings and improved cash flows.


The idea branches out

Having saved substantial time and money using X-Can, IRM convinces their vendors to start billing them on the platform. The software is redeveloped to accommodate this and rebranded as ConnectInvoices. ConnectInvoices processes upwards of $100MM in transactions.



iQommerce is established to build on the success of ConnectInvoices and develop a solution suitable for any size or type of business. Through our commercialization process we have given special attention to the importance of mobile-optimization, intuitive onboarding tools, and enhanced data capabilities.

Our Team

Paul Rossiter

Founder and CEO

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Neal Sorochan

Chief Technology Officer

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Braden Rossiter

Marketing & Sales Manager

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