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iQommerce is a real-time data-capturing, cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform providing low-cost invoice process automation for buyers, sellers and re-sellers of all sizes, operating in any industry, anywhere. Founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2019, iQommerce strives to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for all companies that utilize invoices as commerce - hence our name. With a modern interface and superior ease of navigation, we aim to help your business do what it does best - buy, sell and make money.


Begin development of a purpose-built, cloud-based, enterprise invoice processing platform designed for use in the energy industry for both AR and AP transactions.
Deploy platform over a network of 350+ contractors, general contractors and buyers to test software performance and market viability. Incorporate test feedback and create an industry-specific module for the energy industry, providing a project management layer for transactions that utilizes a location-based strategy.
The platform starts to process transactions on a “fee-for-service” basis. The company establishes partnership to “custom process” transactions on behalf of industry buyers.
The platform processes over $2MM/month of transactions. The management team undertakes a market study of the broader B2B marketplace, in conjunction with an internal audit of software to determine viability and cost of conversion to a Software-as-a-Service model.
The company proceeds with platform software conversion to a SaaS model and hires additional developers. The platform is branded as iQommerce and work begins on current software evolution.

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Meet the Team

Paul Rossiter

President and CEO

Tom Donnelly

Director of Business Development

Desmond Ong

Director of Technology and Operations

Braden Rossiter

Director of Digital Marketing and Sales

Abdullah Iranzad

Full Stack Developer

Seun Mejule

Full Stack Developer

Frank Huang

Full Stack Developer

Minh Lam

Full Stack Developer


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Michael Dell, Founder, Dell Technologies

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