Our Corporate Social

iQommerce is committed to ethical and socially responsible buisiness practices that make a positive impact on our communities, our environment, and our social fabric.

Our CSR Principles


At iQommerce, we have purposely designed all of our software solutions to minimize the carbon intensity of the business processes we automate.


iQommerce is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage and support our employees in their volunteer action, charitable endeavors, and social leadership.


iQommerce incorporates governance policies that require employees and management to utilize the highest of ethical standards.

We feel good about doing our part to help reduce carbon emissions.

Using paper invoices and support documents is very carbon intensive. iQommerce software is designed to minimize the carbon intensity of any invoice workflow. We automate the invoice process and store invoices on the cloud, eliminating the need for carbon intensive paper documentation.
Scanning invoices and support documents is also very carbon intensive. To make things worse, many invoices and support documents are scanned more than once. iQommerce captures raw invoice data in digital format, eliminating the need to use a scanner for any part of a transaction workflow.
Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the invoice processing workflow might be the most carbon intensive solution of all. Because OCR requires a substantial amount of processing power and often involves both paper workflows and scanning, this method incorporates all of the most carbon-intensive processes. iQommerce uses a completely digital data capture strategy that eliminates paper invoicing processes, document scanning, and OCR.  



Invoices produced globally per year.


Million Trees

Are used to generate a years worth of paper invoices.



Reduction of CO2 with E-Invoicing

Climate Change

Diversity & Inclusion

iQommerce is committed to creating a positive impact. We provide equal opportunity for everyone.

iQommerce proudly promotes a more inclusive and diverse community.
iQommerce is an equal-opportunity employer committed to providing a safe and inclusive work environment, with pay equity across all demographics.
At iQommerce we want our company to be a reflection of the communities we live in. We actively recruit employees that will help us to do this.

Ethical responsibility is the main pillar of corporate social responsibility.

iQommerce is committed to conducting its business with the highest of ethical standards. Honesty, integrity, and fairness are the core principles.
iQommerce is committed to the fair treatment of all our clients, employees and contractors regardless of age, race, culture, or sexual orientation.
iQommerce is committed to the timely and honest disclosure of any information that is material to stakeholders.



Supporting reputable causes and sustainable development are integral parts of our common mission.

iQommerce donates to children's charities that focus on the health and well-being of our next generation.
iQommerce actively supports employee philanthropic endeavors and volunteer activities.
iQommerce sponsors fundraising events that have raised over a million dollars for worthy charities. We are passionate about doing our small part to make the world a better place!

iQommerce is using its resources to make the world a better place.

Although many businesses like iQommerce create and support worthy programs in their communities, their initiatives are rarely as well-publicized as those of larger corporations. Nonetheless, they are equally important and contribute to the world becoming a better place to live and work.

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