Why iQommerce?

Because iQommerce recognizes the struggles of time-consuming, costly and paper-intensive invoice and business workflows. See why we are bringing your business into the digital age for good.

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It's Simple: Going Digital Saves Time and Money and Boosts Your Business iQ


What can iQ Business Hub do for you?

iQ Business Hub is the first fully digital business automation platform for small to mid-sized companies in both AP and AR invoicing, project management and time tracking. We strive to bring the business world into the digital age with our robust platform.
Automate AP and AR processing on a single platform
Support invoicing processes with a full suite of modules like projects, timesheets and backup documentation
Integrate with accounting and ERP softwares

The iQommerce Advantage

Why Automate your Business Processes?

Save Time

Paper, Spreadsheets and Data Entry Waste Time

iQ Business Hub brings invoicing into the digital age. Automated workflows enable your company to save valuable time.

The End of Redundant Data Entry

No one wants to spend their after work hours manually entering invoice data into a spreadsheet. iQ Business Hub saves you time so you can spend your hours doing what you love.

Save MOney

Resources Required for Manual Workflows are Costly

It costs, on average, $30 to process one invoice. That's because it involves labor, paper, printers...we could go on! iQ Business Hub's full digital invoice automation brings the cost down to as little as $3!

Say No to Pen and Paper

By automating your invoice processes, all you need to worry about is access to iQ Business Hub. The cloud and our robust database handle the rest.

boost your Business iq

Get a Clear Picture of Your Company's Financial Health with Data

With iQ Business Hub's full suite of business automation tools, you can extract more data from invoices and documents than ever before. This helps to manage cash flow and get a clear picture on company revenue.

Financial Management is Bound to Improve Exponentially

By collecting more data than any other business automation solution, iQ Business Hub ensures you will always stay ahead of the game and provide the ability to analyze your data in countless different ways.

Get Paid faster

Cash Flow is King, so Make Sure You're Getting Paid

Businesses run on cash flow. iQ Business Hub ensures that you are able to create and send invoices within minutes to allow for faster payments so you can maintain positive cash flow.

Invoice Automation Reduces Turnaround Time

Automating your invoice process gets your invoices out the door faster providing better opportunities for faster payments from your clients.

Why is Digital Better?

Data Access for Stakeholders

A centralized database allows for easy access to financial data by the stakeholders who require it.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Reduction of paper, printing and the energy that goes into both helps to lower your carbon footprint by 99%.


Digital platforms are far easier to use and get the most value from compared to manual processes.

Why have all your invoices and documents in one place?

Better organization allows for easily searchable records
Easy access by the stakeholders who need it at your company
Better insights into financial health of your company

Why Cloud vs. Other Options?

Multi-user access
Collaborate in real-time
Can be used and accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
Reduces deployment and onboarding costs

Why iQ Business Hub Supercharges your Existing Accounting System or ERP?

Data exported to the accounting system is the most current
ERPs are data-hungry, exporting invoice data provides a clearer financial picture
iQ Business Hub is built to work in parallel with ERPs and accounting systems, not replace them

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