iQ Smart AR™ for Members of your Team


Business Owner

Get Paid Quicker

Shorter invoice lifecycles combined with increased accuracy means your customers will pay you quicker. Quicker payments help you manage your cashflow and reduce the need to borrow money to meet your commitments.

iQ Allows for Collaboration with Clients and Vendors on a Single Platform

Set up your own iQ Smart Projects to provide your team with all project information including your client's coding, PO number and quoted project pricing. This makes it simple for your work crews to generate the relevant job site transactional data on their mobile devices, directly from the job site.

iQ Empowers Your Project Teams

Once your job quotations are accepted, iQ Smart AR™ allows you to convert them into project or client-specific price lists, readily accessible by your workforce. Approved pricing makes it easy for your clients to approve support documents onsite and allows conversion into an invoice with only a few simple steps.

Invoice Workflow Automation Provides Exceptional Return on Investment (ROI)

AR workflow automation eliminates mundane, error-prone tasks. This translates to faster invoice turnarounds and less invoice rejection rates due to inaccurate invoice data.

Digital Support Documents and Invoices Reflect Well on Your Business

Messy, handwritten support documents don't leave strong impressions with your clients. iQ's digital documentation ensures your documents always look sharp and consistent, leaving your clients with a positive experience dealing with your workforce and processes.

Make Using Paper Documentation a No-Go

Any AR invoice workflow that begins with paper documents is immediately inefficient. The iQ Smart AR™ workflow ensures that once collected, job site transactional data will never need to be manually exported into any invoicing or accounting system again.

iQ Allows For Better Decision Making

Whether it is profit margins, productivity or capital investment, iQ Smart AR™ provides you with real-time data to fuel data-driven business decisions.

Operations Manager

Empower Operations Teams Like Never Before

Permission-based project access through the cloud empowers operational teams to work from any location and remained connected to financially based project information. The iQ Smart AR™ strategy ties job site support documents to quotations, coding, physical location, and other important project information necessary to prepare the most comprehensive job site support document possible. Cloud-based access allows your entire team to participate in the iQ Smart AR™ workflow without waiting for any sort of manual delivery of paperwork.

Use Support Documents as Your Primary Approval Document

The iQ Smart AR™ strategy relies on support documents as the primary source of editable job site data. Support documents undergo an automated internal approval process by your operations and sales teams. Invoices based upon finalized support documents become a virtual "fait accompli" for an invoice meaning your administration team can create and send the final invoice with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Easily Obtain External Approvals from Customers or their Reps

Emailed tokens to external approvers allow them access support documents to approve, dispute or export to PDFs. Support documentation that has been edited by your internal operational team can be easily sent back to approvers for re-approval if necessary.

iQ Allows Even the Most Technically Challenged Field Workers to be Integral Parts of the Smart Invoice Workflow

Having administrators set up projects and limiting pricing to approved price lists for the job or customer dramatically simplifies the data entry process for field workers. iQ allows them to select items from dropdown lists and enter quantities in a series of simple intuitive steps.

Project Manager

Empower Project Teams Like Never Before

Beginning with the Quotation, Tender or RFP stage and ending with the final invoice, iQ Smart AR™'s cloud-based platform allows project team access to up-to-date transactional data from any location at any time of the day.

Reduce or Eliminate Project Reporting Errors

Working with real-time data eliminates reporting errors and the need to update associated reports with any changes that occur throughout the approval process.

iQ Makes it Easier to Keep Stakeholders Informed

Point-of-sale data allows Project Managers to keep internal and external stakeholders fully informed with daily, weekly or monthly reporting schedules. Simple graphical representation of cost vs. time to completion helps identify and mitigate project cost overruns and eliminate unwanted surprises.

Financial Administrator

Actively Collaborate with Connected Clients and Customers

iQ Smart Projects rely on the financial aspects of projects being carefully set up by administrators. Connected clients will create and administer their own Smart Projects. Once your connected client assigns your company to their Smart Project, all project information and client coding will be automatically added to any document your company creates for that project.

Create Smart Projects for Non-Connected Clients and Customers

iQ Smart AR™ clients will always have customers who are not subscribers of iQommerce™. In these cases, company administrators set up Smart Projects on their customer's behalf. Pre-populating project information takes the pressure off the workers in the field to properly enter project details and financial number codes which leads to a substantial improvement in invoice accuracy and faster invoice turnover times.

Smart Invoice Workflow Levels Administrative Workload and Eliminates Backlogs

Automated invoice approval processes keep the invoice cycle moving and gets your invoices out the door quicker. Notifications via the iQ platform or email keep your team on top of required tasks and eliminate backlogs that can become overwhelming to deal with.

Eliminate Boring and Redundant Data Entry

The iQ Smart AR™ workflow makes it possible for every piece of data required by all parties to a transaction to be captured at the point of sale. Approved field support documents can be converted to an invoice in minutes with no additional data entry. This leads to a dramatic increase in invoice accuracy and accountability and decreased invoice turnaround time.

Eliminate Coding Issues

The iQ Smart AR™ workflow allows you to track individual accounting codes related to your goods and services for direct entry into your accounting system. In addition, iQ provides simple tools that allow you to invoice your clients with their cost codes attached, making invoice approvals faster and more straightforward.


Easily Generate Support Documents from the Job Site

Whether it is from a computer, tablet or mobile phone, easily generate the job site documentation you need and use digital means for all work acknowledgments and approvals.

All Your Latest Quotes and Pricelists are Right at Your Fingertips

Quotes generated by co-workers in the office are conveniently turned into pricelists tied to the project you are working on. No more endless searches for the latest prices to include in your support documents.

Instantaneously Pass Along Your Support Documents to Other Stakeholders in Your Company

Once your support documents are generated, they are instantly visible to your supervisor, the sales staff and the administrative team for immediate approval and processing, saving hours in invoice turnaround time.


iQ Smart AR Makes Your Job Easier

Whether your job is to create invoices or simply enter completed invoices into the accounting system, it can be a mundane and repetitive process. iQ Smart AR™ allows you to take support documents from the work site and instantly convert them into invoices that are ready for submission to the client while iQ export files can be mapped for import into any accounting or ERP system.

Reduce or Eliminate Project Reporting Errors

The iQ Smart AR™ approval process for support documents can be customized to accommodate for changes to prices and quantities. Final support documents can then be effortlessly converted into an invoice for your client.

iQ Allows You to Work Remotely

Many bookkeepers are not full-time employees with any one company. This means the invoicing workflow can stall while waiting until the bookkeeper comes in to the office. With iQ Smart AR™, bookkeepers can work on a more flexible schedule remotely and ensure invoices processed as soon as possible.


Easy Access to Accounting Data

Backup documentation for Quarterly and Annual Reports is conveniently stored on the cloud, meaning accountants can easily generate any type of report they deem necessary, without company employees having to provide it for them.

Keep Up with Company Accounting Closer to Real Time

Accessible accounting data means accountants can keep up with reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis rather than face time crunches at year-end.

iQ Smart AR Enables Audit Trails

iQ Smart AR™ grants auditors view-only access and allows the generation of spreadsheets to back up all of your company's submitted transactional data. Auditors no longer have to be physically present in your office. All transactions and supporting items are electronically recorded to verify nearly every action taken on the platform.

IT Manager

Secure and Stable Platform

iQ's database is secure and accessible 24/7. iQ employs additional measures such as Two-Factor and Multi-Factor authentication to further increase website security.

iQ Utilizes Leading-Edge Web Technology to Manage Data

Organizations generally rely on user spreadsheets that are difficult to keep current and even more difficult for other team members to access. iQ consolidates project transactional data in a single location and allows team members to search, view and export into Excel format for data manipulation purposes.

iQ Employs an Open Data Structure that Simplifies Integrations

Most small and medium-sized businesses find enterprise-grade document management systems to be beyond their financial means. iQommerce™ delivers an enterprise grade financial ERP system that has a price point that works for any sized business.

Self-Service Platform

iQommerce™ is built to accommodate all industries and business types by providing flexibility for users to completely replicate and automate their current business processes. All the tools are available to add additional users, create projects, create price books and price lists, connect to other companies, and a host of other tasks and features necessary to modernize your business.

iQ Supports System Users so you Don't Have to

iQ employs a robust online help and support service that includes screenshot videos, a glossary of terms, and our proprietary iQ University to educate users on how to use the platform to its full advantage.

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