Project Management & Operations

project management software with invoicing

Project Management

iQ Enables Real-Time Project Cost Tracking

iQommerce allows project managers to be on top of project costs on a daily basis. Project cost accruals are automatically generated the moment vendors create activity records on the job site, and do not require on site personnel to create spreadsheets for costs that are often subject to corrections and errors. Costs are accrued as they happen, not when invoices arrive and when they're entered into an accounting system.

Collaborate with Vendors and Suppliers on a Single Platform

Set up iQ smart projects that provide all project information to vendors including Project Name, Identification Numbers (PO/AFE), and project coding. Smart Projects allow owners to store all project transactional information in one place and to broadcast messages to all vendors and suppliers if required.

Empower Your Project Teams

Turn vendor Quotes and RFP responses into smart contracts that fix the pricing vendors can use on the project. Simplify on site approvals to verification of quantities and time only, something easily done by on-site approvers who often are not privy to submitted quotations and approved pricing.

Cloud-based and mobile-optimized for a fully digital connection with your vendors
Generate "Smart Vendor Contracts" with vendors based on submitted quotations
Daily point-of-sale cost reporting and accruals
Control what information is included on all payable invoices
Project mapping feature to see all active and past projects
Project based communication tool for universal vendor notifications


Empower Operations Teams Like Never Before

Permission based project access through the cloud empowers the operational team to work from any location and remained connected to financially based project information. Automated approval routing for AP invoices allows your team to all participate in the invoice approval process without any sort of manual delivery of paperwork.

Reduce or Eliminate Project Reporting Errors

Always working with the latest real time data eliminates reporting errors and the need to update associated reports with any updates or changes that occur throughout the approval process.

iQ Makes Your Job Easier and More Productive

Eliminate boring and redundant data entry. Spend your time making a difference to the success of a project rather than spend time manually entering data that is often redundant and prone to errors.

Cloud-based and mobile optimized
Organize data in one place
Manage field operations with ease
Customizable fields for job activity records
Project mapping feature to see all active and past projects
Built-in pricebooks for easy ticket creation

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