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IT Service

Secure and Stable Platform

iQ's database is stored on Amazon Web Services ensuring your data is safe, secure, and accessible 24/7. Additionally, iQ employs other security protocols including Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication.

iQ Utilizes Leading-Edge Web Technology to Manage Data

Organizations generally rely on user spreadsheets that are difficult to keep current and even more difficult for other team members to access. iQ consolidates project transactional data in a single location and allows team members to search, view, and export into Excel format for data manipulation purposes.

iQ's Open Data Structure Simplifies Integrations

Many Enterprise AP companies have robust ERP and Document Management Systems. iQ is built to integrate with any ERP and/or Document Management System at any point the users want it to. The idea is to empower teams to collaborate on transactional data outside of the ERP and accounting systems.

Data organized on one platform
Documents stored digitally
Connect directly with vendors
Manage a remote workforce
Real-time data entry
Built-in permission-based access to project data

IT Support

Self-Service Vendor Onboarding Feature

iQ offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for your vendors which includes self-service onboarding. By simply providing your vendors with an email explaining that your company is employing an electronic invoicing portal, and a link to our website. iQommerce looks after the rest.

Enable Remote Work Teams

Cloud-based software allows your remote workforce to work from any location with access to the internet. It also eliminates the need to physically handle paperwork from the job sites.

iQ Supports System Users so You Don't Have to

iQ employs a robust online help and support service that includes screenshot videos, a glossary of terms, and iQ University (iQU) to educate users on how to use the platform to its full advantage.

Data organized on one platform
Built-in document management system with digital cloud-based storage
Connect directly with vendors
Ideal for a remote workforce
Real-time data entry
Built-in permissions & access

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