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iQ Smart AP™ is built to automate more of your AP cycle, capture more of your transaction information, and include more stakeholders in the process. Our modern, cloud-based platform uses a real-time approach that captures transaction information from any worksite location. Our proprietary project management and analysis tools enable your team to effectively manage project costs and make data-driven decisions based on the most current information.  



Average Cost to Manually
Process One Invoice

from $


Cost to Process One Invoice Using
iQ Smart AP

Your Company will Benefit from iQ Smart AP™ if you have:

  • One or more team members dedicated to AP invoice processing.
  • More than one team member involved in the AP invoice approval workflow.
  • Dozens to thousands of payable invoices processed each month.
  • Multiple suppliers and vendors working on multiple projects.

Why use iQ Smart AP™ as your Solution?

  • iQ Smart AP™ is a leading edge, end-to-end AP solution that captures real-time vendor transaction information from any work location. iQ is smart, secure, economical, and built for AP processing.

iQ Smart AP™ Can:

  • Eliminate paper invoice processes
  • Capture real-time transaction information from your vendors
  • Accurately track project costs in real time
  • Provide stakeholder access to transaction information
  • Actively engage with your vendors to manage your supply chain

If your organization is processing payable invoices using manually intensive workflows, iQ Smart AP™ can reduce your invoice processing cycle by up to 90%, while more than quadrupling the efficiency of existing staff.

What Industries can use iQ Smart AP™?

iQ Solutions by Business Function

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*Annual savings based on $25 per invoice


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