Power Invoice™


iQ Power Invoice™ is our integrated invoice automation platform that handles both accounts payable and accounts receivable invoices. Our platform is anchored by an enterprise-grade payable invoice processing solution a small-business-friendly billing solution, iQ Smart AR.

iQ Power Invoice™ automates more of your AP and AR cycles, captures more of your valuable transaction information, and includes more stakeholders in the process. Our modern, cloud-based platform uses a real-time approach that captures your transaction information from any worksite location. 

iQ Power Invoice™

Save Money

iQ Power Invoice™ streamlines costly invoicing processes. Our end-to-end invoice automation solution is affordable, easy to use, and our Software-as-a-Service model makes onboarding a breeze.

Save Time

iQ Power Invoice™ reduces the time and resources required to complete your invoicing cycle. We automate your invoicing process so you can focus your time on growing your business.

Boost Your Business iQ

iQ Power Invoice™ incorporates a real-time data capture strategy and proprietary data management tools allow you to make data-driven business decisions using your most current information.

How iQ Power Invoice™ Works

iQ Power Invoice™ digitally connects you with your clients and vendors on one platform. We use a cloud-based approach so you and your team can connect from anywhere. Our enterprise-grade platform is mobile-optimized, affordable, and designed to save you time. Invoice automation has never been easier!

All critical job information is captured by iQ Smart AR™ and stored in real-time on the iQommerce cloud. (Don't worry. We make this easy by providing powerful features that do most of the work for you!).
The job information collected using iQ Smart AR™ may be used to create a variety of invoice support documents (Field Tickets, Work Tickets, Timesheets, Delivery Tickets, etc.), which can be automatically routed for internal and/or client approvals.
Once appropriate approvals have been obtained for invoice support documents, iQ Smart AR™ can create and send an accurate invoice in seconds!

iQ Smart AP™

iQ Smart AP™ has been designed to automate the AP workflow and maximize productivity. iQ Smart AP™ seamlessly processes AP invoices, tracks project costs, and helps you to manage your vendors and supply chain.

By capturing more relevant, timely, and accurate transaction information iQ Smart AP™ reduces AP cycle times and the resources required to process invoices.

An integrated project management layer and data analytics tools empower your team to make data driven decisions.

Whether your focus is finance, accounting, project management, operations, or IT, iQ Smart AP™ is your intelligent invoice automation solution.

iQ Smart AR™

Although our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is designed to automate the billing cycle for any size of business, we have made invoice automation particularly accessible for small businesses. iQ Smart AR™ is an enterprise-grade solution that has all of the features you need to make invoicing a breeze!

iQ Smart AR™ uses a proprietary "Activity Record" approach that allows you to capture your key transaction information from any worksite location. These records can then be used to create the documents that your business uses every day. From invoices and time sheets to trucking tickets and inventory reports, iQ Smart AR™ makes it easy!

iQ Smart AP™
iQ Smart AR™
Smart Projects
  • Real-time project cost tracking and accruals
  • Future project mapping feature will display all active and past projects and their financial information
  • Accurately keep track of costs and collaborate with vendors if issues arise
  • Ability for vendors and clients to agree on a smart contract for the vendor
  • Pre-populate price lists and price book items so that creating support documents is a breeze
  • Point-of-sale cost accruals ensure contract deadlines are being met and accurate
Smart Vendor Contracts
Jobsite Data Capture
Automated AP Workflow
Automated AR Workflow
Invoice Data Entry
Invoice Routing &
Support Document
Approvals & Routing
Accounting Integration
Document Management
Reports & Analytics
Customizable Dashboard
Cloud-Based Platform
Mobile Capabilities
  • Capture time, equipment, expenses, materials and services right from the work site at the point of sale
  • Ability to customize the data your company captures
  • iQ has pre-set hundreds of units of measurement so that quantities are always accurate
  • Once a payable is received, it is immediately stored and routed to its necessary approver(s)
  • Approval hierarchy can be pre-set so that approvals are always fast and automated
  • Possibility for early pay discounts since the process is done within days instead of weeks
  • Cost for a client to process a payable is down from an average of $24 to $1.50 with iQ automation
  • Support documents are automatically routed to base managers and/or administrators for approval with the iQ cloud
  • Approvers can then automatically create an invoice from the support document using existing line items
  • Invoice is created and can be sent out within 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks
  • Automated AR workflow ensures you will get paid on time if not much faster!
  • Data from an invoice can be uploaded via the iQ cloud directly into the accounting system
  • Data entry is automated and accurate, meaning no more countless hours spent on manual entries
  • Be able to access your most current financial information instead of months previous

iQ Smart AP

  • Invoices can be easily routed between approvers with built-in approval matrix capabilities in iQ Smart AP
  • Approvers can have permission-based access and pre-set signing authorities
  • AP invoice process becomes much more streamlined and creates the ability for early pay discounts

iQ Smart AP

  • Create invoices directly from support documents and automatically route them to the necessary approver
  • Ability to create approval hierarchy for multi-level approvals
  • Automated approvals cut the invoice process from 1-2 weeks down to 1-2 days!
  • Support documents are all synergized and digitized so no more need to sift through handwritten documents
  • Documents are created with iQ's cutomizable template and uploaded to the cloud and sent for approval within minutes
  • iQ Smart AR allows for permission-based approval hierarchies between base managers and administrators for larger support documents
  • Digitally create and submit job site support documents which automatically route to the correct approver
  • Job site approvals can be done instantly without requiring excessive paper documents
  • Administrators at the base office or head office can get started on creating an invoice right away!
  • Store, organize and manage your projects, support documents and invoice documents all on one platform
  • Calendar views allow you to organize documents visually based on date of work
  • Arrange documents based on a number of fields including progress, status, dollar values, dates and much more!
  • iQ database provides unlimited storage capacity for company documents
  • Ability to develop APIs and integrate with virtually any accounting system and ERP
  • Easily export data into accounting system, minimizing manual entry
  • iQommerce is developing a unique Quickbooks integration, ensuring that Quickbooks and iQ can run in parallel
  • Permission-based access to accounting system allows you to view your most current financial information
  • Ability to generate financial reports based on project, support document and invoice data
  • Future project mapping feature will display financial health and viability of your current and former projects
  • iQ provides the most current data to use for reporting and analytics so accuracy is always as high as possible
  • Ability to analyze your financial reports, data and documents in ways that were previously unimaginable
  • Expandable cards on the dashboard provide you with information about invoices, support documents and projects
  • Notifications show up on cards to let you know when action is required
  • Customize your dashboard with a variety of displays of graphs detailing reports and analytics for your business and personal profile
  • Pick and choose the cards you want displayed in Dashboard Settings
  • Ability to use the iQ platform on any device from anywhere with a mobile/internet connection
  • Easily create support documents quickly from remote work sites
  • Even without a connection, create support documents and save as drafts for later!
  • Easily send work orders, field tickets, and other support documents to the office for approval
  • Data from projects, support documents, and invoices is stored on the cloud and accessible from any location
  • Unlimited storage of data on iQ cloud
  • Sending and receiving documents is a breeze with minimal uploading and downloading times

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iQ Power Invoice streamlines the entire invoicing process for both clients and vendors. See where your industry, business segment and company size fit.

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