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Our team has decades of experience in the energy sector and have used this background to optimize iQ for the Energy industry. iQ's platform has been designed to automate more of your AP cycle and capture all transaction information from any worksite.

Unlike other solutions, iQ is not just for accountants. Timely and accessible transaction information not only increases the productivity of each of your team members, but allows them to fully participate in the AP process. iQ's powerful search and analysis tools allow your team members to easily mine job-specific information relevant to them. See how iQ's energy experience can benefit your company.

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iQ provides the tools to effectively manage Oil and Gas projects. Whether you are tracking capital costs or operating expenses, iQommerce is your solution.


iQ's Enterprise AP solution provides unrivaled vendor and project management tools. Using iQ, you can easily create projects, administer smart vendor contracts and track all of your costs.


iQ has the tools to help you manage capital projects, routine maintenance, and turnarounds. By capturing your costs in real-time, iQ keeps you on top of your facilities.


iQ can supercharge AP for the Renewable Energy industry. Our mobile-optimized platform is ideal for remote sites and a workforce on the move.

Discover How iQ Enterprise AP Works for Energy

iQ Reduces AP Invoice Processing Costs

iQ automates virtually all of the AP workflow, reducing the resources required to process AP invoices.
iQ increases invoice accuracy and effectively eliminates AP invoice intervention and rejection.
iQ captures transaction information in real-time, reducing invoice cycle times, and making it possible to take advantage of early payment discounts.
iQ's flexible data management model allows for data to be easily moved to virtually any endpoint. From spreadsheet to ERP, iQ can move your data.

iQ is Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

Thoughtfully designed user workflows and a modern, mobile-optimized user experience are the basis of the iQommerce platform.
iQ simplifies even the most complicated tasks.
Customizable user dashboards and task notifications maximize AP invoice processing efficiency.

iQ Uses it's Energy Database to Create and Administer Smart Projects

iQ's energy database contains over 1 million wells, facilities and pipeline segments in Western Canada that can be used to create projects. Our database is updated daily so that the most current information is available.
iQ maintains geographic location information for all licensed projects and can display all of your projects on our innovative mapping interface.
Real-time project cost tracking is easy with iQ.
iQ's flexible database integrates with any AFE management system.
iQ's permission-based access allows for all of your team members to have access to your key transaction information.

iQ Allows Buyers to Create and Administer Smart Vendor Contracts

iQ Enterprise AP clients pre-approve vendor pricing schedules prior to execution of work.
Invoice approvals require only verification of item quantities entered by vendors.
iQ's Smart Quotation module (launching soon) simplifies vendor management from RFP through payment.

iQ Reduces Onboarding Costs and Eliminates Vendor Support Costs

iQ's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor platform provides a comprehensive self-service onboarding solution, requiring minimal intervention from AP Enterprise clients.
All support costs are included in the vendor's SaaS subscription.
iQ has a solution for every vendor, regardless of their technical or administrative capabilities. We also have economical pricing plans to meet every need.
Unlike other enterprise AP solutions, iQ provides an end-to-end invoice automation solution for the vendor. Vendors can create their invoices automatically, using worksite information captured by iQ. They can track their transaction documents, and seamlessly move their invoices into their own accounting systems or ERP's.

iQ Equitably Distributes the Cost of AP Invoice Processing with Vendors

Because our vendor Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides valuable invoice automation tools and resources for vendors, iQ Enterprise AP clients benefit from the use of a common platform and information set.
iQ's SaaS platform strategy connects Enterprise AP clients with all of their vendors through a single network.
By reducing the invoice cycle time, iQ Enterprise AP clients are able to pay their vendors faster and take advantage of early payment discounts.

iQ Enables your Remote Workforce

iQ is mobile optimized to be used on any device.
iQ's invoice automation strategy provides a completely touchless and germ-free paperless process.
Your project teams are connected regardless of their geographic location.
Unlimited permission-based access allows all stakeholders to collectively participate in the AP invoice workflow.

iQ Captures Real-Time Worksite Transaction Data

iQ is mobile optimized to capture real-time, point-of-sale transaction data from the worksite.
iQ uses a proprietary worksite activity record to generate invoices and supporting documentation for every transaction.
iQ's built-in project cost tracking features allow users to access the most current transaction information.

iQ Empowers your Team to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time, accurate data capturing capabilities are the key to making smart, data-driven business decisions. iQ has the most up-to-date and accuracy-driven data strategy on the market today.
iQ's unlimited permission-based access allows all project team members and stakeholders to access critical transaction information that is essential in supporting data-driven decisions.
iQ's data management tools provide unlimited ways to analyze key transaction information.

How Can iQ Work for You?

Whether your focus is Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Operations or IT, iQommerce has something for you.

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