iQ Smart AP for the Public Sector

iQ Smart AP™ is built for the public sector. Most branches of government employ third-party contractors and suppliers for a wide range of projects, from civil works to maintenance and everything in between. As a result, processing payable invoices is a key business function within almost every government department, public institution, and municipality.

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iQ Smart AP™ Can:

  • Eliminate paper invoice processes
  • Capture real-time transaction information from your vendors
  • Accurately track project costs in real time
  • Provide stakeholder access to transaction information
  • Actively engage with your vendors to manage your supply chain

If your organization is processing payable invoices using manually intensive workflows, iQ Smart AP™ can reduce your invoice processing cycle by up to 90%, while more than quadrupling the efficiency of existing staff.

iQ Smart AP™ Works for:

School Districts

iQ Smart APcan help your School District to automate your AP processes and manage outside contractors.

Many School Districts operate multiple facilities requiring regular maintenance and periodic upgrades. Much of this work is conducted by outside contractors.

iQ Smart AP™ provides the tools to manage these contractors and administer their contracts on a facility-by-facility basis.


iQ Smart AP™ is an affordable AP automation solution that delivers enterprise-grade features.

With iQ, you can streamline your AP process, capture more timely and accurate project costs, and manage your outside contractors using Smart Vendor Contracts.

iQ incorporates a cloud-based invoice approval workflow that provides permissioned access for all designated approval authorities.


As the name implies, iQ Smart AP™ is a great fit for Universities and post-secondary institutions. We have applied next-generation automation strategies to streamline AP workflow, eliminate paper processes and reduce invoice cycle times.

With iQ Smart AP™, you can connect directly with your vendors to share transaction information, reducing errors and eliminating data entry.


iQ Smart AP™ can streamline your AP process and help you to manage your contractors.

Tight budgets and strained resources are an everyday reality in the public healthcare system. Efficiency is essential to making things work.

iQ Smart AP can increase your AP productivity by up to 400% so you can utilize resources in other critical areas.

iQ Smart AP Reduces Invoice Processing Costs

Reduce the time, cost and resources require to process your payable invoices by up to 90%.
Increase your AP efficiency with more accurate vendor invoices and reduced rejection rates.
Reduce your AP invoice cycle times to take advantage of early payment discount opportunities.
Easily move your transaction data to a variety of endpoints including ERPs, accounting systems, inventory management systems, and more.

iQ Smart AP is Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

Customizable user dashboards and task notifications help users to keep on top of their work.
Thoughtfully designed user workflows and modern, intuitive user interfaces make onboarding a breeze.
Video help, live chat and 24-hour support are there to backstop you.

iQ Smart AP Connects you with your Vendors

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor platform provides a full digital connection between you and your vendors.
We provide a full range of invoice automation tools for your vendors to encourage them to participate in a fully digital invoice workflow.
The more connected vendors you have, the more you will benefit from AP automation and your transaction data.

iQ Smart AP Can Capture Real-Time Transaction Data

Mobile-optimized to capture real-time transaction information from any worksite.
Next-generation data capture strategy allows you to access the transaction details provided by your vendors in real-time.
Track real-time project costs and make data-driven decisions using your most current transaction information.

iQ Smart AP Provides Transparency

Easily follow transaction history from RFP through invoice payment.
Track user actions for all transactions (who, what, where, when, why).
Tie invoices directly to RFPs and purchase orders.
Monitor costs in real-time to avoid unexpected surprises.
Progessively audit transactions for compliance.

iQ Smart AP Helps you to Create Smart Projects

Link projects to municipal addresses, buildings, and other physical locations.
Track project costs in real time.
Automate approval routing for AP invoices by project.
Export project financial data directly into any ERP or accounting system.
Securely store all of your invoices and project documents in one accessible location on the iQ cloud.

iQ Smart AP Helps you to make Smart Vendor Contracts

Pre-approve pricelists for your vendors so you don't have to verify prices during the approval process.
Easily convert quotations into Smart Vendor Contracts.
Automatically compare invoices to approved vendor pricelists to streamline approvals.
Apply custom rules to automate approvals for invoices meeting specific criteria.

iQ Smart AP Reduces Vendor Onboarding and Support Costs

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor platform provides comprehensive onboarding tools for vendors.
All onboarding and support costs are included in vendor subscription fees.
We have affordable solutions for every vendor, regardless of their size or technical capabilities.
iQ makes it easy for you to stay connected with your vendors and manage your supply chain.

iQ Smart AP Helps you to make Data -Driven Decisions

Capture real-time, accurate transaction information to unlock the value in your data.
Permission-based access allows each of your team members to work with only the transaction information relevant to them.
Built-in data management tools provide you with the capability to easily mine your transaction data and facilitate data-driven decisions.

iQ Smart AP Connects your Team

Mobile-optimized to be used on any device.
Completely touchless and paperless process.
Your team stays connected from any work location.
Unlimited permission-based access allows all stakeholders to actively participate in the AP process and access transaction information that is relevant to them.

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