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iQommerce™ is currently searching for active and progressive organizations to participate in our Demonstration Partner Program!

What is the iQ Demonstration Partner Program?

The iQ Demonstration Partner Program is designed for progressive organizations that are processing hundreds to thousands of payable invoices each month. In order to successfully conduct this program, we require partner organizations to dedicate the processing of at least 100 AP invoices per month to our platform. Payable invoices can be related to specific projects, geographic regions or any other segmentation that is the least disruptive within your organization.

The iQ Demonstration Partner Program is mutually beneficial: We provide enterprise-grade software at no cost during the term of the program. In addition, we work directly with your vendors to onboard them and provide 24-hour support for your organization AP team. iQommerce™ benefits through having user feedback from demanding and knowledgeable demonstration partners. This allows us to test the viability of our iQ Smart AP™ platform in a real-world environment.

iQ Smart AP is Built to Accomplish the Following:

Automate the entire AP workflow
Capture more transaction information
Capture data fast enough to make it relevant in decision making
Make transaction information accessible and useful to all stakeholders

Key Elements of our Platform:

Real-time transaction capture
A project-based data management model to capture more relevant transaction information
Tools to sort, analyze and export transaction data to other applications
Permission-based cloud access that allows transaction information to be accessed by all stakeholders
Digital vendor platform to provide invoice automation tools for vendors

We Need your Feedback

iQommerce™ is inviting organizations to participate in the program that meet the following criteria:

  • Small to Mid-Sized Energy Companies (Preferably Upstream Producers)

  • Public Sector Organizations (Towns, Municipalities, Universities, School Districts and Healthcare Institutions)

  • Small to Mid-Size Property Management Companies (Commercial and Residential)

It is preferable for ease of onboarding and business collaboration that the applicants are based in Calgary or the Southern Alberta region.

Our Ask

  • We need active and progressive organizations to help us refine our platform and demonstrate viability of our iQ Smart AP™ model within specific business segments.

  • We would like our demonstration partners to facilitate the cooperation of a select group of their vendors to submit their invoices and support documents using our iQ Smart APplatform. This can be accomplished by dedicating one or more of the projects that your company is currently undertaking.

  • The Program will run for a minimum of 6-months and will be 100% free of charge.

Partner Program Benefits

Early Adopter Influence
As an iQ Demonstration Partner, you will be highly influential in the functionality and feature set contained within our solutions. This is your opportunity to ensure that you will have solutions that meet your needs today, and into the future.

Dedicated iQommerce™ Implementation and Support Team
To facilitate implementation of our Demonstration Partner Program within your organization, iQommerce™ provides a dedicated team to work with you.

Zero-Cost Vendor Onboarding
iQommerce™ will onboard all vendors participating in the Demonstration Partner Program. All that is required from a Demonstration Partner is to facilitate the participation of suitable vendors.

Free iQommerce™ Solutions During Demonstration Period
iQommerce™ Demonstration Partners are given unlimited free access to our iQ Smart AP™ platform for the duration of the demonstration period.

Extended Free Demonstration Periods
Because iQommerce™ will be developing new modules and plug-ins on a continuous basis, we will always require appropriate Demonstration Partners to validate our work. For committed Demonstration Partners, iQommerce™ will extend the demonstration period indefinitely.

Ongoing Preferred Partner Discount of 50% for iQommerce™ Solutions
Demonstration Partners who complete at least 6 months of our program will receive a perpetual 50% discount on our iQ Smart AP™ platform.


What is iQommerce™ Looking for in a Demonstration Partner?

We need active and progressive organizations to help us refine our software and demonstrate the viability of our iQ Smart APplatform.

Why are Demonstration Partners Important in the Development of our Application?

User feedback is the best tool to help improve our application. We are hoping to work with demanding, but progressive Demonstration Partners to achieve this goal.

Is There any Cost to Being an iQ Demonstration Partner?

No. iQommerce™ provides the use of our platform and a dedicated implementation/support team to our Demonstration Partners free of charge. Your only investment in the program will be the time invested by your organization's demonstration team.

Are There any Long-Term Commitments?

No. iQ Demonstration Partners are asked to agree to a 6-month demonstration period with the opportunity to extend it if necessary.

Will My Organization Need to Disrupt its Current Business Activities to Participate in your Demonstration Partner Program?

No. We are not expecting Demonstration Partners to change any of their current workflows or business processes to accommodate us. Our iQommerce™ solutions may be deployed in parallel with current systems, or utilized on smaller, well-defined projects within your organization.

How Would iQommerce™ Demonstrate its Solutions Within our Organization?

To demonstrate the viability of our solutions, it is imperative that iQommerce™ fulfills the exacting requirements of our users. To accomplish this, we will need to meet with your team to assess and understand your specific requirements, then strategically apply iQommerce™ solutions to address these needs through the execution of a mutually agreeable demonstration plan.

How Much Participation is Required from our Organization to be an iQ Demonstration Partner?

iQommerce™ would like to have a designated team from your organization comprising of at least four members. These demonstration team members should have varied roles in your organization, but also have significant responsibilities within the AP process. The purpose of your demonstration team will be to facilitate the implementation of the demonstration plan and to provide feedback to the iQommerce™ development team so that your requirements are fulfilled.

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