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Average cost of processing an AR invoice with iQ Smart AR

iQ Smart AR™ for Enterprise Businesses

iQ understands the tireless effort that goes into managing an enterprise company. That is why iQ Smart AR™ is a feature-rich, enterprise-grade solution equipped to handle the rigors of administrative invoicing tasks.

Automate your AR process for an affordable cost in comparison to most other solutions on the market and save your company precious time and resources simultaneously.

Our modern and intuitive interface and user experience ensures that onboarding can be done fast and efficiently with minimal support. Much of iQ Smart AR™ onboarding can be done internally. No more months long collaboration between the IT group and an external onboarding service!

Why iQ Smart AR Works™ for Enterprise Businesses

Affordable Solution with No Long-Term Contracts

iQ Smart AR™ is an enterprise-grade solution for an affordable cost. One difference between iQ and other solutions is that we will NEVER rope your company into a long-term contract. Long-term contracts can hurt a business, especially when times are slower. We believe in offering activity-based, shorter term pricing so that your business can adapt accordingly with the economic environment.

Integrate with Existing Software Platforms

iQ Smart AR™ has the ability to work in parallel and compliment your existing solutions. We understand that enterprise companies require many different software platforms for day-to-day business activities, so we built iQ to work with them instead of try to replace them. For example, iQ feeds invoice data directly into your accounting system and ERP.

State-of-the-Art Analytics and Reporting

iQ Smart AR™ allows for the data from your receivable invoices to be exported and analyzed into comprehensive reports. Slice and dice your invoice and work site data in any way you choose to gain a significant edge on competitors. Eliminate inefficient processes and invest in what's working.

iQ Smart AR™ Features That Will Make Your Life Easier:

Cloud-based and mobile-optimized to manage a large, remote workforce
Collaborate with clients on projects with iQ's project tracking feature
Customizable, robust dashboard to monitor business health
End-to-end AR invoice process automation that takes minutes instead of days
Multiple C-Suite executives will draw value from iQ Smart AR™ offerings
Get paid faster and more often by having your invoices sent out quickly

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*Annual savings based on $25 per invoice

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